Parking Lot


When non-life-or-death questions arises, Rob will quickly make a rule call if one isn't obvious.  We can then note in the parking lot for later review out of session.  Rob will note his adjudication, link to the rules, etc. before next session.


Date – Originator – Question/Issue: Rob's Response

ex.  9/30 – Corey – Should you automatically know what spells the person has active with Arcane Sight?: No, you must use a standard action to know.

Greer will be responsible for adding to the parking lot within 48 hours after the session.


1. 10/21 – Group – If a creature acts during surprise, are they still flat-footed before they act in round 1? Yes, according to RAW.  Ruled on in session.

2. 2/10 – Rich - If moving through multiple threatened squares can someone choose at which point to attack or is it just the first moment the defender threatens.  (In game scenario. Drago moved out of a threatened square, provoking.  If attack was taken at the time he provoked he would no be flanked.  If attack was taken after he would be flanked.) RAW – Moving out of threatened square only provokes once, and they are hit while in the square they are leaving.

3. 2/10 – Corey and Mike – If Aid another bonus is given to attack and that attack crits, does Aid Another bonus get added to critical confirm?

Parking Lot

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