Character Creation

Player's Guide

Please read the "Strange Aeon's player's guide" all the way through.

Ability Scores

20 point buy.


Evil alignments are not allowed.  Hopefully this is obvious but your character should want to work with the group and be driven toward the goals of the adventure path.  i.e. don't make a character who's going to attack the party (the madness will take care of that for you) or want to give up on the adventure.  Cooperation will be key to your survival.


Core (dwarf, elf, gnome, half-elf, half-orc, halfling, human) are all allowed.  Aasimar, Tiefling, and Changeling are possible with approval.  Note that alternate race traits, racial favored class options, etc. are allowed.


Pick 3. One should be from the player's guide. Also, I recommend grabbing a regional one if it fits your PC, but it's not required.


Any paizo approved class, archetype, or prestige class is allowed.  You may use the core or unchained version of a class as you wish.  However, see Alternate Rules for changes.

NOTE:  I encourage diversification of abilities.  Too much focus may be a detriment to you and the game.  

Feats / Skills

Some may not be allowed if it's considered overpowered by the community (like Pathfinder Society), it will likely not be allowed. Item Creation feats are discouraged due to necessary time, though Brew Potion and Scribe Scroll are likely to be useful.

Banned Feats:  Ability Focus, Leadership

Starting Wealth

Your character begins with the average starting wealth of their class.


This is required.  The player's guide encourages:  "To heighten the horror elements in this Adventure Path, consider making a character that has an obvious weakness or vulnerability. This requires an element of trust between you and the GM that the latter not abuse this vulnerability, so talk with your GM about your concept ahead of time."

See Drawbacks for good options.  The additional trait is already figured in above.  If you have an idea outside of this list, let me know so we can determine a penalty for you.

Background for the Fugue State

To elaborate on the condition of your memories at the beginning of the game, your amnesia is nearly complete. In lieu of a full background, below are four types of details from your life which you are able to recall with effort. Regardless of how hard you try, you remember nothing from the last 3 years or so.  Provide these in a player secret area between yourself and the DM when you create your character here.

  1. You remember three personal details about yourself:

    • The things of which you are capable (feats, skills, class abilities, etc)
    • The use and function of your possessions, if not necessarily their importance
    • The deity of your faith and any commitments you may have if you receive divine spells or class abilities
  2. You remember two details of a loved one, beloved pet, or good friend:

    • Their physical appearance
    • Either their name or their relationship to you
  3. You remember two details about your home, your home town/city, or another place if importance:

    • What the location looked/felt like
    • Either the name of the location or the reason it is important to you
  4. You remember two details about a highly emotional or otherwise important incident from your distant past:

    • The physical appearance of a single person present for the incident
    • What the location looked/felt like
    • Why and how the incident affected you strongly

Character Creation

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