Alternate Rules


Please remember the DM may do things, augment things, or achieve things outside of the printed rules.  Some judgment calls may vary.  Use of the below systems can vary.  Thank you.

Hero Points

Hero Points will not be allowed to be used for "Special" requests.  Hero point feats, spells, and items are not allowed.  You start with one hero point.  You can gain a hero point from doing a log or leveling.  You may choose to be an antihero, gaining one extra feat at 1st level instead of ever gaining hero points.


These option from Pathfinder Unchained will be used.

  • Unchained Barbarian
  • Unchained Monk
  • Unchained Rogue
  • Unchained Summoner
  • Background Skills
    TODO:  Please note that Perform for Bards and Craft(alchemy) for Alchemists may need to use normal skill ranks.
  • New skills: artistry and lore
  • Expanded skill uses
  • Stamina (free entrance for fighters)
  • Dynamic Magic Item Creation


See the Fear page.  Fear Immunity is removed from the game as per the sidebar.

Sanity / Expanded Madness

See the Sanity page.  The Expanded Sanity sidebar applies but not the Tenacious Sanity.  Please note the modified impact of spells to madness noted under "Curing Madness."  Please track your Sanity Score, Threshold, and Edge on your character sheet.

The exact sanity damage done and when will vary.  It may be more at some times and less at others.

Curing Madness

Magical curing will be utilized RAW, thus a new will save is not automatically allowed.

Nonmagical treatment is still a lengthy process requiring as noted on the Sanity page.


See the Corruption page.


The Retraining rules are now allowed.  However, Hit Point retraining is only allowed up to half for that Hit Die.

Alternate Rules

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