Tag: Theron


  • The Fort

    The place was built to be well-guarded.  Its stone was strong, wood thick, and walls smooth.  I could barely find my footing the one time I tried to climb.  We tried to get in using magic, but failed.  With arrow slits along the …

  • Sailing Across a Watery Desert

    We tried doing the ritual again in the Sleepless Agency, but were not successful.  Instead of transitioning to that dream desert, we instead brought something forth from our nightmares.  The "Tatterman" floated before us yet again …

  • Collecting Pieces of a Dream

    After dealing with the statues we moved into the graveyard.  Like the rest of the city, it was broken and smelled of rot.  All of us noticed a wamp eating a corpse to our right, but we had no light to show us the deeper parts of the graveyard …

  • Theron

    Sometimes forgetting is like peeling off your own skin... ...sometimes remembering is even worse.