Strange Aeons

The River

This river is the worst place I have been for as long as I have memory of.  In the asylum, at least we knew the environment and the majority of the inhabitants were out to get us.  In Thrushmore, we knew everyone hated us and we had to get our reputations back. The surrounding areas were corrupted and we discovered things as we came to them.  

The river is uncaring.  The river has no loyalty.  It is not sick, it doesn't feel damage that I can fix. It is supposed to be a trade and travel route. We knew pirates were a possibility.  These zealots though… they are supposed to be representatives of a place/people.  Without a second thought, this man sought fit to enslave/slaughter us on a whim.  Because he wanted our things.

He took a massive swing a Wynn.  I tried to get to him, but our dear captain didn't think it was poignant to make space for me to heal him.  I could have done something.  I thought he could survive another onslaught and I could heal him.  I was wrong.  He dropped my lifelink imparted none of his wounds to me and he was gone. After that, the invaders were dispatched with relative ease.  The damage had been done.  Our friend was gone and we had no hags to put him in a pot or rose deity to bring him back.  The river did not care.

We took in the remaining slaves to set them free and destroyed their boat.  I thought we should have taken it.  If we had anyone with seafaring capability I would have insisted on it.  But we need the existing crew.  We resolved to let the slaves off in the River Kingdom where they would be free.  We gave them 10 gold each to start their lives.  It's the best we could have done. The inhabitants of the village we left them with were not reluctant, but cautious.  They laid out firm ground rules to make sure no zealotry pervaded their territory.  They are doing better than most in my opinion.

We also decided to burn Wynn's body on the shore of the River Kingdom.  The last thing we need is him coming back in an unfriendly form.  It was heart-wrenching.  I didn't want to speak. It would only exacerbate the failure.  The only thing to do is better next time.   Along the way, we saw some large plant creatures but opted to avoid direct conflict with them.  

Eventually we were dumped into a lake, where we were approached by what appeared to be fishermen.  Innocuous enough.  But the river had other plans.  These were apparently druids that saw it fit to try to take our stuff also. They used a noxious cloud to hinder our view.  Eventually our forces got onto their ship.  The invaders fled into the water.  Two got away.  I killed one that was fleeing.  I don't have much in terms of aggressive spells.  But I didn't want them to come back to us.  I hope the ones that got away live in fear now.  Tell the river that we are not to be fucked with anymore.


Actually one stopped swimming and Andrea is staring at it… Uh oh, are those wounds appearing on her body?!?

The River
silentinfinity Kyle_Sutherland

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