Strange Aeons

The Fort

Killing Ourselves

The place was built to be well-guarded.  Its stone was strong, wood thick, and walls smooth.  I could barely find my footing the one time I tried to climb.  We tried to get in using magic, but failed.  With arrow slits along the walls it was clear to me they would always have eyes on us… unless they couldn't…

A rose without color?

I made no sound, and there was no me.  I drank the potion of invisibility.  It was strange knowing where I was, and yet not being able to see myself.  But after the utter failure at communicating with the woman at the gate, our plans made obvious as a result, we headed around the fort to a corner where the ballista would not be able to hit us quite so easily.

The longer I'm near my friends when they argue, the more likely it is they'll get me killed.

Drago laid down a rope for us to climb up at a corner, a wise move, after shifting back into a man from his bird-form.  I climbed with ease, and waited til some of the others were on the wall before moving to the ballista at the far side.  Still invisible, it was all too easy to sneak in the door and surprise the "man" operating the ballista.  Undead don't bleed, but they still have vulnerable parts, and it only took me a few hits to destroy him. 

What is dead may never die.

Still silent, but now visible, I fired the ballista at one of the creatures attacking the others on the wall.  My shot went wide, barely, but I was glad to have tried.  By that point the others were already climbing down and running away into the trees.  I did not see much of their confrontation, but I heard later just how poorly it had been going.

Running downhill through a city brings back thoughts of the island…

For all the talking they do, Wynzo having been killed for his constant (though pleasant) chatter, I feel like they rarely decide anything useful.  As evidenced by our time at the gate, those who speak must also listen.  Only if you listen can you understand; my choices have made me an expert at both.

If I can hear you and you are my enemy, you are standing in your grave.

We retreated to the Sleepless Agency to discuss our failure with the others.  I am not certain what the initial discussion was, for my trainer beckoned me away.  But a while later, they came to find me so we could discuss things as a group.  And while it brings me some semblance of joy for them to value my thoughts, I must admit a degree of guilt.  I can deal with their impatience as I mime my words; soon enough we will be  communicate with the sign language the Sleepless Agency described.  But when we're in battle and I'm wielding my blades, I won't be able to sign.  I won't be able to share my knowledge with them, just like the fort.  So it made me wonder… while my silence helps ensure my survival, could it cause the others to die? 

Will my silence get them killed?  Milani, help me, please.

We discussed more strategies and I think our next plan will work much more favorably, though it still requires magical success.  We decided it would also help to have Winter join us, and as a natural enemy of undead I don't think she can say no.  I never communicated it, but chances are if we can't cleanse this town of its plagues, soon enough they will find their way to the chapel and those she protects.  Without us, the town cannot be saved. 

I want to save something; I don't always want to kill.  I've spilled enough blood, now where are the roses?

During our strategy conversation I made my desire to speak with Winter known, so after dinner the group of us went to the chapel to see her.  She agreed to help us, but I had more to "say".  I asked her about the conflict going on inside me, about my silence causing death.  Her words were wise, and her advice genuine.  I was foolish to think she would tell me "right" answer, so maybe it's time for me to stop being such a coward.

Help me find my place in this nightmare.  Help me see…

Before we dispersed for the evening, I made my intentions known regarding the demon's eye.  After a great deal of prayer and thought, I decided to swallow it.  Similar to the conflict I still have regarding my silence, I believe the eye was left behind to help us see the things trying to get us.  There has been several times I've missed something Drago has seen, and several other times none of us has seen something until it was too late.  Hopefully with the magic of this eye, my kin, those times would happen less and less.


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