Strange Aeons

The Fallen Star

We can't seem to figure anything out about this town.  Each place we search only opens more doors.  We've heard rumors about the Wailing house so we decide to check it out.  As we approach it is clear there is some evil present.  It even seems darker and darker as we approach.  True to it's rumor it looks like it is a haunted house.  As we approach the door heading up the stairs the massive tree in front comes alive and begins swinging.  I don't think I've ever been hit by a tree before but I would be ok with it not happening again.  It hurt.  Luckily for us and what the tree didn't know is we have an expert in explosives and fire in our ranks.  We quickly burned the tree down.  What a strange occurrence though.  It must have been created or enchanted by some magic user.  

We head in to the house and quickly learn why it has the name the name it does.  Ghosts came pouring from the walls and began screaming the sounds of their death.  If it wasn't for the fact that I have seen a haunt poor a tsunami of blood down a hall, then this probably would have felt worse.  We quickly move on out of this screaming room.  

The house was in poor condition.  Overgrown with plants and not very structurally sound.  The next room must have been some type of waiting room, but it's tough to tell with the roof having collapsed.  We begin to check it out while Theron heads upstairs to explore more.  As we're looking around from the mounds of the dirt erupt Draugr.  What the fuck are Draugr doing sitting in dirt piles in the middle of this house.  They didn't put up too much of a fight, but it was definitely an odd place for them to be.  This house makes little sense.  It might be just a haunted house as we have found nothing that gives us any answers to what is happening in this town, just more questions.

As we make our way up the shaky stairs a glowing dagger begins to attack us.  Really…a dagger.  Nothing invisible carrying it that we could tell.  We had to attack the dagger itself.  when we, put it down upon further inspection it turns out it was a magically dagger.  It must have been haunted or something.  The upstairs for the most part was empty of any more answers.  As I was looking around a Spectre appeared from no where.  This was easily the toughest battle we ever had.  All I could do was watch as he sucked the life force from Theron.  My silent partner was gone and there was nothing I could do about it.  I tried to save him, but I was helpless.

We carry his back to Winter to see if anything can be done.  While we wait we discuss what everyone has remembered recently.  Argo recalls his lab getting raided; Yusei remembered his last name, Lutharen; Andrea remembers that her shadow is of a creature that mind swaps; Drago remembered his cats name, Shade.  What did Theron remember, we will never find out.  Maybe he remembered people he had killed and that is why he stayed to fight instead of saving his own life.  If he had, I would have died and I'm sure he knew that.  When we recount what happened with Winter and she looks at the body she lets us know there's nothing she can do that is powerful enough to bring him back.  The Sleepless Agency might have something available though.

The agency obviously does not like us, the only way to open this relationship up is to be honest with them.  We have nothing to hide and if we are going to make a new name for ourselves we must start now.  We go through the events of the last few days without leaving out many details.  I think it is starting to work and they are warming up to us.  they ask for daily updates on what we find out.  After a long day it is time to go back to the Inn and rest.  With one star fallen, we must continue our new journey.


silentinfinity MGreer

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