Strange Aeons

The Fall of Melisenn

What a strange man down the hallway.  He wasn't immediately threatening and I felt like he knew us.  "Have you seen the yellow sign?"  I don't know, maybe.  He quickly moved to the side out of our view.  I wanted to see what he knew but Theron said the hallway was trapped, I could see the magic.  Within a few quick moments the hallway was filled with darkness as my mind was filled with overwhelming fear.  I had to get out, had to get away.  Everyone wanted to leave any ways.  I don't understand what the issue was.  Argo hit me with a bomb and I retaliated like any other normal person would.

Once we were back to the Sleepless Agency Yusei cast Sense Madness on me.  They don't trust me, they think something is wrong.  All of this because when I was punched I punched back.  They think that something happened from me coming back.  It's like they forgot the last month, idiots.  They serve their purpose for now though.  My safest bet is to stay with them all.  Yusei says that I have some form of compulsion on me.  He could be lying, I can't see what he sees and he knows it.  At least being with them makes getting richer easier.  This world is not meant to be alone.  The group wants to go see Winter so she can look at me, this is getting old.

When we got there Keldrin told us that Theron was already here and asked for her to come with him.  Obviously the fake.  She was taken, serves her right.  We told her to watch out for a fake Theron.  I thought she was smarter than that.  We followed her tracks which led to the stone in town.  Using the necklace and with a bit of effort we made our way through a portal that seemed to connect the yellow world to ours.  The good news in all this is we finally have an answer as to where the charcoal "drawings" were coming from.  

Through the portal we found Melisenn and some other crazy creature.  I wouldn't mind having one of those as a pet.  I'll have to figure out how to ask Melisenn about having one of these crazy flesh monsters as pet.  Melisenn put up quite a struggle, but eventually we put her down.  Not fully to death but unconscious.  Before she went down she blinded Theron.  I need him to see to be able to protect me and to use him properly.  THe easy solution is to torture her until she dismisses it.  She's tough but there's only so much pain one person can take.  Luckily I have the hoodwink cowl with me.  First is to take her things,  I stripped off her items and clothing, I'll keep her magic items for later.  She should feel more vulnerable if she's naked, bound and deprived of her senses.  first I'll try strong strikes to the stomach.  Still not cooperating.  I'll have to do this the hard way.  We'll go ahead and dig into her fingernails, this will be fun.  Before I could really start I was stopped by Drago.  Apparently he's ok with maiming her as a cat, send Shade to do the same, blinding her, burning her, and pretty much anything else except what I'm trying to do.  Hypocrite and fickle, what a terrible combination.  

Eventually Melisenn cooperated and released the blindness on Theron.  I want to keep her alive, I feel like she could prove to be a decent ally at some point.  She told us that Winter is somewhere upstairs.  In the room above us there is another strange woman hanging over the body of someone wearing Pharasman garb.  She looks fun.


silentinfinity MGreer

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