Strange Aeons

Storming the Fort

We awake like any other morning.  Yusei heads to the herbalist to help for the day, Andrea buries herself in her room, Argo continues to do research, while Theron and Drago continue their training.  I didn't have much to do during the day so I watched the others train.  I am still trying to figure out why I am here.  What brought me back, why do I feel so different.  I did pick up my cane from the woodworker in town.  Wrapping my hand around the skull feels right.  We wait until night to storm the fort. Our plan is a simple one, Drago will approach and use warp wood, if it works we go in, if it doesn't then we come back another day with a new plan.

We stop by the church and collect Winter to join us.  Her holy power will shine in a place of undead, Pharasma's greatest enemy.  Drago shifts into a cat similar to Shade and approaches.  Quickly he howls to signal, it worked, let it begin.  We all quickly rush the front gate and are met by a collection of juju zombies.  As the the fight is unfolding more begin to come in from the sides.  Right when the fight began to look like it was going our way, they showed up again.  The masked assassin that attacked me in town.  They stabbed Andrea directly in the throat dropping her to the ground. All eyes were on the assassin.  We quickly made chase, but the masked man was quick.  After a bit of healing Andrea stood, the darkness taking her over, she placed the assassin in to the mindscape.  If the assassin saw what I saw in there I don't know if I should rejoice or feel bad for him.  I find myself being drawn more to the dark powers that Andrea wields.  Before, it worried me and now I can't help but smile.  With the assassin stilled, it was only a few moments before she was slain.  SHE was slain, I could not make out all the details but it looked like an innocent girl.  I don't think she was working with the people in the fort.  We will have to investigate this further later on.

We dispatch the group of juju zombies in the foyer and press on.  Within a couple of rooms there was a gathering of skum.  None particularly strong and none of which appeared to have the amulet I saw on the roof.  Their flesh tore to pieces quickly.  The blood pouring from their wounds still haunts me and sends a shiver down my spine.  But what is this feeling I get when I see it now.  Thirst? What a strange feeling.  I am afraid of it, yet I feel pulled to it.  I'll have to figure that out later.  We continue forward to find another group of skum in wait.  They are torn to pieces nearly as quick as the first.  They aren't worth my spells.  We will rid this place of it's evil and take it as a new home.  

We have only faced the peons of this place.  Where is the constable? What is the mirror upstairs?  We will find out more as we press forward.



Yay dark powers and blood!

Storming the Fort
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