Strange Aeons

Rebirth and Renewal


25. Erodas

Wearily we made our way back to the inn.  Algregor has resumed his post warning everyone of the impending doom coming.  We had our meal in silence.  Whether it was in reverence of our fallen comrade, frustration, exhaustion, it's hard to say.  I sent myself to my room shortly after and buried my face in the book we brought back with us from the asylum.  Did I want to learn something? Perhaps gain some clarity or understanding?  Maybe just torture myself a bit for not being able to act quicker?  Again, hard to say.  It was enlightening at least.  I drifted to sleep soon after I finished the final pages.

(The following happened while I was asleep.)

Andrea took Wynn to her room to psychic duel him and scared the shit out of him.  Elgregor woke up Wynn telling him there is blood at the chapel.  Wynn wakes up Drago to check it out. 

The ground around the chapel and near by houses is tinted red and plants are starting to grow out of the ground which eventually becomes a thorny rose garden.  The building Theron is in is covered in roses.  Drago and Wynn go to the building and Drago is able to open the door unhampered because of wilderness whatever.   They approach the blanket and Theron wakes up.  Wynn uses mage hand to move the blanket and seeing that Theron is moving, Drago uses cure light wounds to try to damage him, to no avail.  Drago and Wynn run away and Wynn faceplants into the thorns when he gets outside.  Drago gets Wynter from the chapel and she attempts to detect undead when Theron comes out.  He's alive.  They return to the inn

(end sleep)

I was startled awake by a knock on my door and groggily open it to see an alive Theron.  Internally, I was startled to no end, but considered quickly something miraculous must have happened for Wynn and Drago to have escorted him here.  I requested that we wait until morning to fill everyone in since I wasn't entirely convinced I wasn't dreaming.  However, they insisted I look over Theron since he was apparently quite alive but had a wound that would not be healed.  I quickly realized there was not much I could do to fix this.  I figured he was cursed.  We adjourned until morning.

We decided to better prepare in the event we would encounter more undead at the wailing house again.  We went to Wynter and the sleepless agency to bargain for some holy water, which worked out fairly well.  Wynter agreed to cast the spell to create it for free. Shortly thereafter we went to the Apothecary and met Sentalar, an angry little halfling that was convinced we were the reason people were disappearing.  After some back and forth,  which included him trying to bribe use to not get disappeared, I told him that when I had some free time, I would come help him to make up for past transgressions.  We then went to the high market to look around briefly before making our way to the Wailing House to hopefully finish what we started.  

Rather than deal with the first room and the haunted tree that was almost fully restored, we climbed in through a window on the side.  On the ground level, we proceeded to go room by room.  The first door we opened triggered the walls around us to bleed, which sent Wynn and I into a brief bout of fear.  A few of us heard a man crying from somewhere but it was difficult to pinpoint.  Inside that first room, the windows exploded inward and cut a Wynn and Drago a bit.  The following room had a couch in it that was polluted with some kind of disease, but also had a magical coin that represented the sin of glutony, which Argo held onto.  I figured consolidating sin to a single person would be for the best.  The following room was filled with broken and empty shelves, which led to the last room that had a desk with the journal of Cyrus Vaunt, which apparently was the family that founded the town.  In this room, a trap door to the basement was uncovered, and we went down there to find that it looked as though someone (4 someones) had set up camp here.  In the corner there were some crates and casks of wine.  In one of the crates were the skeletal remains of who we suspected was Cyrus and that this house was being used for smuggling.  It's likely those undead creatures were the reincarnation of the people who were using the house.   We took the remains with us to lay them to rest.  

The only other place we didn't inspect turned out to be the kitchen, which had several swarms of bats, which, while annoying, did not pose much of a threat.  We left shortly thereafter.

We took the remains to the chapel and proceeded to give a proper burial and Wynter provided a prayer to lay him to rest.  Going back to the house, it was clear that the curse had been lifted.  Things seemed a little brighter.  We made our way back to town and decided to stop in the smoke house for some inquiry.


Every rose has its thorns.

Rebirth and Renewal
silentinfinity Kyle_Sutherland

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