Strange Aeons

Going Hungry

The hunger inside me continues to grow.  I’m doing my best to suppress the urges but I’m not sure how much longer I can control myself.  I don’t even want anybody to touch me.  Even the slightest contact with flesh may unleash my insatiable hunger.  The other day Cassandra touched my newly formed wings and it took all my self-control to not remove flesh from bone.  Instead the smell of her arm in such close proximity was just enough to hold me back.  Thank Pharasma.

It has been six days since I last felt satisfied.  This has been the longest I’ve gone, since this affliction has corrupted me, without sentient flesh.  Thankfully the fort we recently cleared out has a set of cells one of which can be used to confine me has Winter does her best to help rid me of this corruption.  Even as we eat this delicious breakfast and cinnamon; it does nothing to curb my hunger.

As we walk thru town I can feel my desire to feast grow even stronger every passerby is a potential meal as disgusting as it is it was what I need to continue living.  The sight of simple foods is becoming repulsive and is now a chore more than anything to keep up appearances which mine are admittedly not that great.  Probably doesn't help that I have a set of wings hidden under the lent to me by the sleepless agency but I don’t care as they will prove to be quite useful.  Why throw bombs when I can simply drop them.

Upon reaching the fort Wynzo goes about cleaning my cell which I am quite grateful for as Winter has told me that it will be my home/prison for an extended period of time.  She says she has no idea how long it could take but has advised that it would be many moons.  I pray to Pharasma that this cell will not become my permanent residence if I’m lost to the corruption.  I do not know what will become of me in these trying days but I pray that Winter and Pharasma are able to guide me through it.

I am stripped of everything as my body lay bare chained to the wall inside of this cell deep within this fort in this miserable dreary town.  I have no sight to the outside but if I had to guess it’s probably raining as that seems to be the only consistent thing in this place…fucking rain.

Free me! Feed me!  Look it is bringing food perhaps I will rip the flesh from his bones layer by layer first the skin although his seems rather tough.  I will simply peel it away with my teeth revealing the soft rich tissue underneath.  He doesn’t seem to speak so I’m curious if he’ll scream as I remove the skin from his body.  If he does his throat will be the first part of my meal.  I will lick his bones clean.  There will be nothing left but a mask and a pile of bones when I am done with him.

Fuck these chains and fuck this muzzle.  I must feed.  I’ve changed my mind about the masked one.  I’m much more interested in this priestess.  She will not shut the fuck up.  Prayer after prayer. Day after day.  It never stops.  I must stop this I must feed.  If I kill her I the prayers will stop and my hunger will grow less.

The days are growing long the nights even longer.  Or the nights are growing long and the days are even longer.  I can no longer tell the difference.  It is all just one long unrelenting nightmare.  I thought the nightmares were over once we left the asylum.  The hunger is unbelievable words cannot even begin to describe it.  The only thing that is keeping me connected to humanity is Winter and her prayers.  I do my best to repeat them as often as I am able to but I seem to be slipping in and out.  At times I am able to maintain control but there are periods that I lose out to the corruption and feel more like a passenger within my own my mind and body.  It is a ride I desperately want to get off.

I must escape I must feed.  I must get this muzzle off.  I can only lick the salt from my own flesh for so long.  Biting my own lips does nothing it is not enough to even qualify as a snack. Why won’t they feed me?  I am literally starving.

I can feel the corruption subsiding but it is becoming desperate and is violently trying to retake my mind.  I must not let it take control I must stay true.

 I will eat this priestess.  I will make her regret every word she has ever uttered in my presence.  I will leave her eyes intact so she can watch as I tear apart her insides and then stare directly into her eyes as I eat bite after bite of her intestines. Perhaps I’ll feed her her own flesh.  Yes I will tear apart her chest cavity and feed her bits of her own self.  And then as she shallows piece after piece will pull apart her stomach and re-feed her the same pieces over and over again.

As I awake I feel weak but oddly better.  I no longer feel the desire to eat flesh.  I run my tongue over my teeth and feel that they are no longer razor sharp but in fact have returned to normal and my tongue is longer long enough to choke myself.  I also feel the cold harsh metal of my bonds rubbing against my skin, a sensation that I did not feel when initially chained up.  My skin seems to be breathing with life.  It appears as though Pharasma has bestowed a platinum holy symbol upon me.  I will forever cherish it as not to forget what I have done and how Pharasma helped me through to the other side.  I am forever grateful.


Excellent log, Rob!

Going Hungry
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