Strange Aeons

Another Day Another Tragedy

The fight at the estate was draining for all of us. If these are the people that were kept at the outer properties of the estate I shudder to think what may be going on at the main house. He had left the bodies of our foes in the building and “cleaned” up. As terrible as Theron’s death was it did serve as a great barometer for our group as to what the limit of our abilities are or were, I’m still trying to figure that out, am I relearning stuff I had forgotten or am I growing new skills. I think for the sake of my sanity I will simply tell myself I am growing and learning new things. After the fight many of us were fairly depleted on resources so we decided it would be best to head back to the inn. It may have been a short day of adventuring but it was as taxing as a full day’s work. Sometimes we need a break which we admittedly haven’t taken since awakening. Even if it comes in the form of a half day I very much welcome it. My relationship with the inn keeper seems to have gotten better; then again, I did set the bar pretty low and by bar I am talking about the metaphorical one not the physical one that I supposedly damaged or blew up depends on who you ask.

Once we got back to the inn our group seem to go its separate ways and do their own thing, which is nice considering we don’t get much time away from each other. I believe Yusei went off to help the apothecary. It was a nice gesture by him for sure and anything that help build / repair our public image can only help. My biggest fear is that something horrific may come out about us from our past that nobody knew before and all the goodwill we have been trying to build will be for not. Supposedly we have worked for the count together in some capacity in our past. Yet with our new moral compass guiding what we do I wonder what I or the group would think if we discovered the true extent of some of the atrocities we committed. Can we really just hand wave everything and use or amnesia as our excuse… oh that part of my life I don’t remember and I have decided to become a better person so I’m no longer beholden to the punishment of the crimes I committed before. As group we forgive each other’s prior actions fairly quickly. But what if one us…no its not healthy to speculate these kinds of what ifs.

Anyways once we got back to the inn people went off and did their own thing with their free time. For me I decide a nice afternoon meal and drink followed by a little nap was exactly what I needed, my body was craving for the time off and I can happily say that the nap truly helped me reset and could now focus more clearly on the tasks ahead. I made my way back down for dinner despite still being a little full from my meal this afternoon considering we don’t typically eat lunch but dinner is dinner so I shall eat, be social, have a good time (hard to come by), and listen to another tale from Wynzo.

This was all interrupted by a lady by the name of Melison, yes, the same lady from the notes in the cave. She came barging in shouting about how we murdered her guest and just left the bodies out to rot. Everybody was listening but the volume of the conversation didn’t allow them to do much else. It is clear she was trying to discredit us, why I do not know. If she was going to ty and discredit us I figured now was as good a time as any to bring up the fact she trafficking and distributing illicit drugs. Yusei did what he could to try and diffuse the situation. Wynzo tried to calm the crowd with a spell but from the looks of the patrons faces it seemed to have hurt our standing with them rather than help. For a brief second, I thought Theron was going to do what he does best and cut her down right in front of everyone but instead blocked her exit and then “allowed” her to pass. Then walked back to the table mocking the lady which I found quite humorous. Maybe our trained silent killer has lighter more fun side I’m sure the town would welcome more of that humor I know I would.

After the exchange I went up to the bar and donated some money for the troubles and said to buy everyone a round of drinks with it. Drago did the same. I then decided I would welcome some more sleep and retired to my room. The next day I woke up to some disturbing news. Wynzo was eaten last night by some creature who pretending to be the gnome we had met on our way out to the cave. It is quiet saddening and unnerving. Not so much that he was eaten but that it happened in the safety of the inn. A place we actually felt safe but it does not seem like that anymore. Evil will find us where ever we are. Apparently, the creature was communicating with Wynzo mentally during the night so he, Theron, and Drago all went out in the middle of the night to go investigate. On night time trip they invited the creature back to the inn; were attacked by the witch, which we now know is very much real, and the assassin that made an attempt on his life the first came back and tried to kill Wynzo’s life again. It seems like fated wanted him dead tonight one way or another. The creature spent the night in Wynzo’s room and I guess killed him and then proceeded to eat him leaving behind only a couple organs. So much for the time off yesterday and the fresh start this morning.

Despite Wynzo’s death there is no time to mourn we must continue on with our investigations and help this town become safe again. We went back up to the Fort to present our evidence to the constable who refuses to open the door and let us in. While we were present our evidence Drago had turned into a bird and was flying overhead scouting the fort from above. Afterwards we made our way down the hill and out of sight of the fort where met back up with Drago who gave us his report. Apparently, the guards we saw walking along the tops of the wall are undead so that’s just great. As much as the estate may be a problem a fort in town is filled with undead with the entire town completely unaware seems like a much more pressing issue. Also, it probably wouldn’t help our image if we went and took care of the lady who just had a public confrontation with us the night before. We are going to have to discuss our findings with the Sleepless detective agency and put together an action plan on how to deal with these two serious situations.

If You are reading this then I would like to apologize for my past transgressions.




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