When it is gone only I will remain.


Andrea is a young woman, appearing to be somewhere in her mid-twenties. She is on the tall side for her gender and light; lithe but not betraying any sort of wiry strength. Indeed she seems to have neglected rigorous physical activity. But that does not appear to hamper her as she is light on her feet and her skin retains the vigor of youth.

She wears dark leather breaches and sensible boots with a flat heel. A form fitting dark olive tunic protudes from supple leathers that protects her torso. She wears a lightweight jacket and hood which obscures her long, light brown hair.

She usually speaks in a soft, sometimes deep voice and is quick to offer a warm smile. Her obvious attractiveness is not flaunted or embellished in any way. Indeed her expression, while genuine, cannot completely hide the feeling one gets from gazing into her deep blue eyes, like being lost on an ocean with no land in sight and the sun setting on the horizon.



Andrea has little to no memory of her past.


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