Dragoslav Lazarus Randici

A man shrouded in gray—alert, confused, and uneasy


This man wears gray robes, frayed and tattered in places, worn from years of use. He carries a heavy bundle on his back and gets around with a walking stick. Most of the time his face is partially obscured by the large hood he wears. He rarely makes eye contact, his gray eyes only visible when he is looking around for danger.

His face has a thin layer of dark brown stubble. His hair is long and messy, some of it dripping out of his hooded mantle. It’s hard to tell if he is crazed or simply doesn’t care. Either way, he moves with a sense of purpose.


Drago is about to wake up with little to no memory of his past.


Firepelt cougar image source: https://worldofdarkness.ca/?p=586

Dragoslav Lazarus Randici

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